Tulips introduces “Encanching Indigene” Collection

Tulips, a homegrown soft furnishings brand synonymous with bespoke textile solutions has introduced their new collection, “Enchanting Indigene.”

It was founder Raajkumarri Mutha’s penchant for exploring indigenous textile crafts and contextualising them in contemporary narrative that led to the creation of this collection. The designs of the collection include Madhubani art of hand painting, Nilgiri’s embroidery art of Toda, painterly art of Pichwai, etc. on luscious fabrics like satin and velvet.

Raajkumarri Mutha, Founder, Tulips said, “All the fabrics are painstakingly embroidered using time-honored stitchery techniques. The collection pays homage to these crafts through the expressive possibilities of fibers, threads, and techniques. As it is known, craftsmanship is at the heart of our business; we always strive to create beautiful soft furnishings that shed a new light on ancestral crafts and highlight their timeless appeal.”

The collection offers a visual feast of sumptuously embellished fabrics inspired from our country’s rich heritage of textile crafts.

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