Tryst with pastels!

Pink + Munich Acacia + Light Red
Price: On request

A combination of Pink, Munich Acacia and Light Red by Greenlam Laminates from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. bring just the right amount of solace to your home. Pastels are one of the most sought-after colour palettes this season. Pastels not only give your space a fresh and chic look, they add a subtle touch of colour to your home. Munich Acacia goes well with pinks and reds as it adds a hint of natural hue to the space. Try to keep the rest of the décor slightly minimal with pleated or check patterns for a visual delight.


Oak Winter
Price: On request

Oak Winter by Mikasa premium engineered wooden floors from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. makes for a perfect escape into a classy yet elegant setting which infuses warmth and joy. Mikasa Oak Winter pairs well with pastel shades and gives a seamless flow to your room. Incorporate some elements of green tones with pale shades of blue and grey which add a relaxing aura to your home. Mix and match with voguish metallic details to add a certain panache to your space. Winter season calls for breathtaking interiors, therefore, go all out and create the perfect look which adds a magical vibe to your home.


Steam Beech
Price: On request

Steam Beech by Decowood Veneers from the house of Greenlam Industries Ltd. enhances your walls with a confluence of patterns that add an element of interest to your walls. While an engineered veneer is not a natural product, it is reconstituted to make pre-designed appearance. These decorative veneers are eco-friendly with an ability to match natural patterns. They come in a variety of pastel tones and offer an experience that transcends the effects of time. Place wall art that complement the overall pastel hues along with statement furnishings which will give a whole new spin to this look. Place a throw blanket to add a cosy vibe and quirky showpieces that exude tranquillity.

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