H & R Johnson introduces cool roof tiles

H&R Johnson has introduced their Endura Cool Roof SRI tiles. These unique tiles keep the harsh rays of sun off the building and bounce them back into the atmosphere.

Apt for building roof, terrace, balcony and exterior façade (cladding), Endura has devised a special process of glazing that makes the tiles reflect most of the solar heat and reduces the surface temperature by 10° to 20° C in extreme climate conditions. Thus improving indoor comfort and reducing the load on external cooling appliances.

Endura’s Cool Roof tiles have SRI value of over 90.  SRI stands for solar reflective index which measures the surfaces ability to reflect solar heat and emit infra –red heat. Although it is scientifically proven that white surface reflects heat like no other colour, Endura Cool Roof SRI Tiles, due to the special glazing process can emit infra-red heat which is not possible with any regular white tile.

Endura has truly achieved a golden mean by developing an energy efficient, highly practical tiling solution that is aesthetically appealing as well. Available in 10mm and 20mm thickness, these tiles are a sensible choice for your house as it helps in saving electricity and saving the environment.

So lay these Cool Roof Tiles out on your terrace, your balcony or exterior walls directly exposed to sunlight and enjoy the cool comforts in your home while saving on electricity for years to come.

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