The Purple Turtles launches its latest two collections

The Purple Turtles- a lighting and end-to-end home decor store in Bangalore recently launched its latest two collections- ‘UNcork’ and ‘Coloured Cement’.

According to the release, the ‘UNcork’ Collection is a combination of cork and innovative design methods. Cork is an aesthetically good material and is also recyclable. Only the outer bark of the cork tree is harvested for these products which regenerates in every nine years,and is hence sustainable.

The Coloured Cement collection, is an entire range inspired by the landscapes that change colours in seasons. The way clouds that race across the sky refashions each time and the leaves change colour according to time. There is an effervescent gradient of blue pigmented feather cement wrapped around simple form depicting continuity in discontinuity to give an abstract landscape effect with a dash of structure and a deep red pigment along with white and grey feather cement base depicts the fallen autumn leaves over a concrete road.

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