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With two outlets in Mumbai; DeGustibus Hospitality’s Neel (Indian Kitchen+ Bar) opens its doors in the heart of South Mumbai. At the very foundation Neel is an Indian restaurant where the food is from an amalgamation of a wide range of travels and perfecting certain memory-filled traditional recipes from across regions in India. The brief for the design of the restaurant takes its inspiration from the wonderfully curated menu; stories of ancient traditions through the voice of a contemporary Indian kitchen. Neel is located in the Art Deco precinct in South Mumbai in a prominent mall Crossroads 2. The design revolves around an ensemble of contemporary take to Indian traditions and art, handcrafted elements and details embraced in a modern dining setup.

Neel; like the name is a deep blue colour of the sky. One side is a wall feature representing the moon stuck in a time lapse oscillating between the various phases. The waxing and waning of the moon is shown with back-lit circular panels that span across a blue wall bringing the space together effortlessly. The Blue wall then continues on the ceiling with custom designed pendant lights in an antique gold finish which adds to the subtle Indian influences in the overall design of the space encompassing the whole restaurant.


Studio Osmosis
With almost two decades of architectural designing and planning experience gathered from working with clients throughout the world, Shilpa and Sameer Balvally set out on a venture called Studio Osmosis. The work ethics of the multi-disciplinary practice are a combination of Indian and international ideologies; merging cultures and using the pros of both philosophies. Studio Osmosis aims at establishing a delicate balance between youth and experience, creativity and
practicality. The Studio has always believed in utilising these qualities cohesively to generate distinct, functional designs. All designs at the Studio are based on research and experimentation with adaptability as the key factor. The focus is always on the site, context, the constraints and the opportunity that a project
presents. Staying true to its name, the design philosophies at Studio Osmosis exhibit a sense of fluidity and dynamism. A more adaptable and flexible approach to design is followed by not sticking to one particular formal style of design but instead, by understanding and absorbing the client’s needs and developing tailormade solutions to projects. Young minds collaborate creatively and fresh ideas and concepts are transformed into unique, tangible endeavours in experimental and sustainable design. Studio Osmosis has delivered a variety of multi-disciplinary projects ranging from interior architecture for residential as well as commercial projects in various cities across India and abroad.


Block printing techniques of textile design brings in colourful elements to the space with the use of geometric bison board panels. These panels, handcrafted by local artisans of Rajasthan and Gujarat showcase geometric compositions in shades of blue and yellow. These back-lit bison board panels are visually framed with a back-lit logo, the Hindi alphabet ‘NA ’.

Contrasting flooring type has been smartly used to create a segregation of spaces. While the monochromatic patterned tiles adds to the character of the space without taking away from the wall art, the wooden flooring demarcates the seating around the moonlit wall. The rustic grey flooring defines the circulation areas and resonates the textured grey walls of the restaurant. These patterned tiles are balanced by an open ceiling that is painted indigo blue to mimic the night sky.

At the far end of the restaurant, yet visible from the entrance, the bar is carved out of the kitchen area. The bar back has an array of display bottles within wooden and blue backpainted glass shelves. The bar front has a grid of 3D cement tiles which are handcrafted. This grid is reflected in the ceiling thereby adding a warmth to the bar area. The ceiling hung lights in the restaurant is an interesting feature custom designed by the in-house team with trails and mock-ups using perforated and solid steel to get the right light balance and warmth and create a patterned interest with a play of light.


fact file:
Project Name NEEL , Indian Bar and Kitchen
Client DeGustibus Hospitality
Design Team Studio Osmosis
Commencement November 2017
Completion Feb 2018
Area 2200 sq ft
Photographer Client Source


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