The Flat Series By Corvi LED

Flat 6Q - Rs. 745

Corvi LED, a manufacturer of lights, has launched its Flat series of LED recently. The Flat series manifests itself in square and round forms making it one of the thinnest recessed luminaire. In this LED, the minimalist tone achieves sublime aesthetics. These lights are superior in functionality. Corvi offers up to 150 lumens of light output per watt, this combined with proprietary design leads to an energy saving better lumens to watt ratio. It has an inbuilt driver that provides spatial efficiency & dimmability is its another power feature. These LEDs are easy to install and all lights have a simple plug-n-play feature.

Corvi LED Lights are built on SSD (Solid State Device) technology which results in designing robust & long- lasting products. Every Corvi LED Light comes with lifetime warranty.

Corvi offers solid-state technology in its products which have minimalist designs and are made by using supreme quality raw material thus enabling higher output of light against per watt of power consumed.

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