The Council of Architecture planning to set up five research centres in India

The Council of Architecture COA India is planning to come up with five research training centres in the country. This was revealed by Biswaranjan Nayak, President, COA, India, who was chief guest at the finale of ARCHO 2017, the annual festival of Chandigarh College of Architecture.

These five research centres will come up in Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Bhopal and Bhubaneshwar, catering to the architecture colleges of the five regions of the country. These research centres will have model making labs and climate labs so that students studying architecture can have access to these labs. Nayak said that 90% of the architecture colleges do not have these labs since setting up these labs is a costly affair.

Moreover, an e-library will be set up at these research centres, which will make all study material related to architecture study available to the colleges. The colleges will have to pay certain amount to get access to the e-library. Also, the best thesis of the undergraduate students will be placed in the e-library. On the quality of education, Nayak said that quality of education cannot be compromised. “There are 458 architecture colleges in the country. Of these 458 colleges, 400 are private colleges. We are planning to reduce the intake of students in colleges where there is no proper infrastructure,” added Nayak.

On the smart cities mission, Nayak said that no smart city will work with the way it is moving since the smart cities projects do not involve architects.

“Architects should play major role in the smart city projects since they are the creators and other should support the architects. We have engineers and digital support but architects are missing from the smart city projects,” said Nayak.


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