The Container Yard to host the Free School of Architecture in 2017


The Free School of Architecture (FSA) is honored to announce that the The Container Yard (TCY) will host the school from June 1 – 15, 2017.

Located in Los Angeles Arts District between MOCA’s Temporary Contemporary and SCI-Arc, the The Container Yard will act as the inaugural home to the school’s 36 students, 16 teachers, 16 person Board of Advisors and 5 person group of volunteer staff.  With a campus of over 60,000 square feet and a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces TCY will extend FSA’s ambitions to promote diversity and free access to architectural knowledge while experimenting with teaching models and formats.

“With a rapidly growing community of over 70 students, teachers, staff and Board members, the Free School of Architecture has expanded well beyond our initial projections of 16-20 students and faculty and as a result has had to look for a larger and more suitable home,” said Peter Zellner, the school’s founder. “We are grateful to Ash Chan, owner and driving force behind the Container Yard for his generosity in supporting the FSA vision for tuition free architectural education.”

“The Yard has always represented freedom of creativity and the pursuit of curiosity and knowledge,” says Chan, Owner of the Container Yard. “The opportunity to contribute to the evolution of accessible academia is such an honor.”

“The Container Yard is a leading venue for art, community, and cultural events for Los Angeles especially in the Arts District. With the addition of educational programming,” says FSA Founder  Zellner, “we hope the Free of School of Architecture can contribute to TCY’s spirit of public engagement and collaboration. TCY’s substantial indoor and outdoor spaces will allow us to experiment with class, lecture and workshop setups, creating a model of education that is literally and conceptually open.”

“Design has always been a core focus for us, whether architectural, industrial, aesthetic. To finally have the opportunity of adding an architectural education component to the TCY mix is awesome,” says Chan. “We’ve never really had a razor sharp picture of what we expected the Yard to become, but ultimately it’s evolved into an intersection between food, art, design and culture.  We’ve always wanted to add education into the mix.”

The school will launch on June 1, 2017 at The Container Yard with a ‘FREE,’ an inaugural symposium on the state and future of architectural education.  ‘FREE’ will explore new forms of education and pedagogy, disciplinary vs. vocational conversations, the socio-economics of education and post-digital and post-studio education. ‘FREE’ will be documented in FSAONE, the school’s online and print journal.



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