Swarovski opens first mono-brand lighting store in Hyderabad

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Swarovski Lighting, part of Austria-based Swarovski Group, is entering India with the company’s first mono-brand store in India being set up in Hyderabad. Swarovski Lighting’s mono-brand store will showcase a wide range of premium and luxury products with prices ranging from lakhs to crores.

Elite Group, the partner for Swarovski Lighting in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, showcased products that included black crystal chandeliers costing INR 15-20 lakhs and Crystal Empire priced at INR 8-12 lakhs in Hyderabad on Wednesday, announcing Swarovski Lighting’s entry into India.

“The (Hyderabad) store will showcase more than 400 lighting products. It also offers customised lighting systems. As the Indian consumers are becoming more and more discerning and luxury market is growing, we are expecting a huge response for Swarovski lighting products,” said Rishab Kothari, Partner of Swarovski store in Hyderabad.

Kothari further said that Swarovski Lighting would open four more stores in India by the end of 2018. Fifth-generation Swarovski family member and Co-Founder Daniel Cohen will launch the store this week.

(Source: www.newindianexpress.com)

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