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Ar. Amit Gupta

Ar. Amit Gupta

With modern amenities and efficient renewable energy solutions catering to the budding needs of Kanpur, Trans Ganga Master Plan by Studio Symbiosis is a self sufficient sustainable city currently under development. This envisioned city caters to commercial, industrial, mixed-use, residential and public amenities

Trans Ganga Master plan is spread over 1,156 acre and is being developed as a mixed-used development. Envisioned as an iconic city on the banks of Ganga, the master plan is a self-sufficient sustainable city.

Ganga provides the most influential and dominant context for the master plan. The existing patterns of Ganga were studied and through digital simulation density patterns emulating the Ganga patterns were translated into the central green of the master plan. This central green area gives the master plan a distinct character and acts as breathing lungs for the city.

Ar. Britta Konbell Gupta

Ar. Britta Knobel Gupta

Design Planning
Sustainable city design has been imbibed in the planning at two levels. Primarily, at the design level elements required to make a city sustainable have been grafted in the master plan. Secondary, at the implementation stage green roof, earth cooling, solar panels, ground water recharge, waste management have been proposed.

At the heart of the master plan an auto expo is located, sitting amidst the central green. The auto expo is designed as an iconic building creating a prominent visual marker. It is located at a very important interface of the central green and the promenade. It’s an amalgamation zone of various activities of the master plan cascading into each other thereby creating a functionally rich urban plaza. Auto Mart and Auto Expo are the two distinct functions nested in the building. These two activities are segregated using two continuous non-intersecting ramps in the proposal.

Land use distribution consists of commercial, industrial, mixed-use, residential and public amenities. In view of the Indian conditions, special amenities overlapped with certain design parameters have been provided in the master plan to avoid encroachment. The functional diversity has been unified by a seamless skyline. This undulating skyline merges the various functional requirements of the master plan into a visually coherent system.

Iconic towers have been designed along the Ganga river front. These commercial/mixed used towers soaring up to a height of 100-140 meter impart a sense of arrival to the master plan. The façade pattern for the towers will form a part of the detailed urban design guidelines. This façade pattern has been designed by solar analysis using computational software’s, thereby generating a façade system that acts as a sustainable design feature in the master plan by reducing the heat loads.

Text & Photography courtesy: the architects 

Fact File
project name: Trans Ganga Master Plan
location: Kanpur, UP
client: UPSIDC
architects: Studio Symbiosis
founding partners: Amit Gupta and Britta Knobel Gupta
site area: 1,156 acre
project status: execution started


About the Architects
Amit Gupta and Britta Knobel Gupta are the Principal Architects and Founding Partner of Studio Symbiosis. Amit graduated from Architectural Association School of Architecture, London and worked there for a period of around five years in a number of key international projects such as Civil Courts Madrid, Kartal Pendik Istanbul Master plan, Aramco Research Centre, Groningen forum. He has been honoured for creating robust and efficient forms with sustainability.
Britta Knobel did her graduation from Architectural Association School of Architecture, London and after graduation she has worked in London in number of key international projects such as Abu Dhabi Performing Arts Centre, Broad Art Museum in Michigan, Dubai opera house, and luxury villas. She has been awarded numerous awards and accolades. To name a few, recently she has won the “Europe 40 under 40” for emerging design talents throughout Europe and European ‘Newcomer Award 2002’, along with several scholarships like DAAD.

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