Studio HBA designs the Six Senses Spa and Wellness Centre in Mumbai

Studio HBA designed the Six senses SPA and Wellness centre located in World One Tower, Lower Parel, Mumbai. In Late 2017, Studio HBA was asked to create a quiet and peaceful SPA for the residents of this development to supplement their physical and mental well-being. Hence, staying in line with the clients philosophy of easy and honest luxury, Studio HBA designed a modern eclectic space by employing a coordinated palette of materials such as unpolished marble, rough granite, selvedge wood, brass trims, found objects and live plants. The most significant design feature of the SPA is the double height live green wall. While it visually guides the guests down the grand flight of stairs and into the reception, its most important role is to naturally purify the air.

This live green wall, designed to bring the patron a sense of vibrancy and relaxation is the highlight of the entrance to the spa. The use of textures and layers in the composition is evident from the shift in ambience from the public – reception, retail and café to the private space – treatment rooms. This is also designed to maintain a shift in ambience for the property’s residents. There is a strong presence of earthy colours used while designing the spa with white, brown and green primarily being incorporated, to provide a feel of being rooted to the earth.

Commenting on the project, Rahul Shankhwalker, Studio HBA Partner, said, “Studio HBA has been known for designing luxurious and relaxing wellness centres. This project has been a very special one for us, as it has provided the opportunity to create a space that makes residents forget about the daily chaos in the bustling city of Mumbai. The new spa at the World One Towers is a reflection of the serenity that is provided to its patrons, and we are proud to be associated with the project, and thus, the renowned Lodha Group.”

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