Stonex India Introduces a Semi-Precious Stone Collection

Semi-Precious Stone interiors

Stonex India Private Limited, a brand for exquisite marble and natural stones in India, has recently launched their semi-precious natural stones. The Semi-Precious Collection speaks to extravagance and bold design. Each semi-precious slab is truly a work of art, rather than just a surface area. Stonex India offers many striking semi-precious color options for their discerning clientele. This collection showcases the gem-like splendor of semi-precious stones in bold colors and interesting patterns. The assortment is up for viewing at their store in Marble Market, New Delhi.

These Semi precious stone tiles by Stonex India are a perfect option for a beautiful back lit set up next to swimming pool or vanity mirrors or dining room wall. A wall done up in semi-precious natural stones catches daylight perfectly and with a backlit solution, it becomes a luminescent source to light for a quaint evening. It is a very elegant solution for beautifying any residential or commercial setting. Semi-precious stone tiles are available in a multitude of colours, tones and breathtaking natural patterns all adding aesthetic value to the ambience. Semi-precious stone countertops are made from natural and selected semi-precious stones bound with resin to create a visually appealing solid surface. The range will add an edge, the modern tweak with the depth, imparting the interiors a completely new entity of its own and at the same time mingling into the hues & colours of the house.

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