Stonelam® Laminam introduces Worktops & Floorings for Bathrooms

Stonelam®Laminam, a company providing versatile surfaces introduces Bathroom Worktops & Floorings; a new concept in decorative surfaces with universal potential for the construction industry. Stonelam®Laminam ceramic slabs are naturally hygienic, require little maintenance and are resistant to chemicals; these surfaces do not suffer wear and tear and its properties remain intact over the years. The colours remain unaltered and the material does not absorb humidity. These ceramic slabs are perfect for use in the most sensitive places where utmost care needs to be taken with cleanliness. Owing to its hygienic nature, it requires very low maintenance, is easy to clean and is immutable upon contact with chemicals. The assortment can be seen at Stonelam Surfaces Pvt Ltd, WZ-29, Mansarovar Garden, Ring Road, Marble Market, New Delhi.

Stonelam®Laminam slabs can be applied to cover both the walls and the floors, as well as the drawer unit, creating an enveloping sense of spatial continuum with a strong visual impact, demonstrating the versatility of application of this ceramic product in even the most sensitive settings, such as bathrooms and shower rooms, spas and bath-suites, to emphasise the aesthetics of the restrooms. The relaxing effect is ensured by the total look of the bathroom which has been recreated through the use of a single Stonelam®Laminam surface for both the horizontal and the vertical applications, in two different sizes and thickness- 1620x3240x12mm for the horizontal surfaces and 1000x3000x5mm for the flooring and wall cladding, as a valid alternative to marble and stone materials, owing to its outstanding properties like resistance to scratches and deep abrasion, resistance to mildew and fungi, resistance to stains, chemicals, UV rays, Intrinsic hygienic quality and also these slabs are low in maintenance. Thanks to the excellent technical performance, Stonelam®Laminam slabs are ideal for the most delicate of uses, requiring maximum hygiene and resistance. The aesthetic virtues and the large size offer a major artistic advantage, guaranteeing material continuity throughout the settings, in sophisticated, natural shades.   

This is a unique collection that guarantees the same large-size outcome as the most commonly used natural materials, thus offering designers and planners yet unexplored possibilities to accomplish projects of major architectural value. This series provides a faithful reproduction of the technical and styling essence of the materials that inspired its conception, providing high-tech textures, along with smooth and surprisingly structured surfaces.”

Shantanu Jain, President, Sales & Marketing, Stonelam Laminam

Available at- New Delhi and across India through dealers

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