Sternhagen presents 3D Pent Tiles

Germany’s premium Sanitaryware brand Sternhagen presents their exquisite 3D pent tiles, a masterpiece inspired by nature and rendered through unremitting innovation in the application of technology to classic artwork. Used as a highlighter, 3D Pent tiles by Sternhagen are a perfect solution to design a statement wall as they create shadow and texture in geometric shapes, interacting with ambient lighting to provide a unique aesthetic appeal. 3D Pent tiles by Sternhagen offers unlimited colour possibilities like Luxurious Black, Gold Fume, Timeless Teal, Antique Velvet to create a luxurious appeal. 3D Pent tiles by Sternhagen is made up of Sani- Quartz material with a metallic glossy surface, having a base of the hardest natural ingredients plus the symmetric unprecedented 3D design and texture. The assortment can be seen at

The exquisite harmony of the Pent collection derives its inspiration from geometric shapes found all throughout the natural world. The Pentagon and hexagon are harmoniously united in this modern artistic pattern that creates a tasteful atmosphere that both stimulates and soothes the senses. Invoking the strength and peaceful balance of nature as well as a timeless modern urban aesthetic, Pent is the ultimate culmination of organic harmony and refined artistic design.

With Pent, you can create an array of formations which can be played with as per the whims of the art beholder or developer. The sight of multifaceted transformation symbolises the transfer of life in the form of light to different parts of the wall enacting a live paragon. This is symptomatic of life in its enchanting mode relived on the walls.

Chirag Parekh, Chairman & Managing Director, Sternhagen says, “The inspiration for the Pent surface came from an ancient pattern from Rajasthan, India. Reborn as a multi-purpose quartz tile and assembled as an astonishing 3D surface, the Pent wall amazes by its duality of triangles and hexagons shaped from smooth, colourful surfaces.”

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