Span Floors Introduces a New Series of Oiled Engineered Floor Collection

Span Floors has launched their new range of Natural Oiled Engineered Wood Flooring Collection. Its natural charm and texture gives it a rustic yet a modern look.  It is durable, eco-friendly, reliable and safe. The materials used in the production process are selected based on strict requirements for ecological safety and finished products are tested for formaldehyde content.

The Oiled Engineered Wood Collection by Span Floors is available across different gradings, textures & tones of wood – rustic brushed, rustic hand scrapped with a matt, natural finish. The wood is Thermo treated for added stability and a homogeneous colour in the entire thickness of wear layer. Available in light, medium and dark wood tones respectively, the collection is designed to suit the needs of contemporary design. Innovative polyurethane hot-melt adhesives are used for bonding, which is extra strong, water-resistant, indoor air quality friendly and highly elastic.

Span Floors offers a designer palette with an array of unique colours available in a range of hardwood species, ceiling panels & decorative walls made of natural wood. The latest range of this oiled engineered wood flooring collection offers a line of long planks that can be used on floors, walls, furniture surface and as ceiling panels. These are available in a spectrum of attractive colour tones and textures ensuring a high quality surface that can be easily renovated and maintained.

Satinder Chawla, Managing Director, Span Floors says, “I am sure once you install this new oiled  engineered wood flooring collection you would find it very comfortable, durable, climate tolerant and easy-to-maintain. A lot of investment has been made in research and development of this cutting-edge technology and hence it is fast becoming a much sought after wooden flooring”

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