Somany Ceramics launches Smart WC – Evita, the i-Gen Toilet

Somany Ceramics introduces technologically integrated Evita i-Gen toilet. With this launch, Somany Ceramics will offer the smart sanitary ware solution at a reasonable price for the discerning Indian consumers.

As the Indian consumers are steadily becoming well-travelled and aware, the demand for smart toilets has been on the rise in the country. With the launch of Evita i-Gen toilet priced at INR 99,999/-, Somany Ceramics aims to reach out to consumers who seek increased functionality with optimal integrated solutions for every corner of their house.

The star of the Somany Signature Collection, Evita the i-Gen toilet has been designed to ensure there are minimum pressure points to enhance overall comfort and has the following features:

  1. Smart seat rim with temperature control
  2. Warm rear wash
  3. Ezee close mechanism for the automatic opening and closing of the lid
  4. User-defined energy save mode that saves water through efficient flushing and powerful water flow
  5. A fully customised remote control that offers all of the aforementioned features at the touch of a button
  6. Minimises touch points in the bathrooms to avoid spreading germs as standards for personal cleanliness and hygiene increase worldwide

Evita intelligent WC will be available across India at all Somany franchisee stores and Experience Centers.

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