Solid Wood Flooring engineered for the Indian Household

Walnut in Herringbone pattern

To combat the constraints of solid wood flooring, EvoWood has introduced EvoFloors, a solution in natural wood floors. EvoFloors is designed to protect against moisture and safeguard it from pests, mold and termites due to its multi layered design. EvoFloors are finished with a unique coating with zero volatile organic compounds conforming to the strictest standards and is extremely easy to maintain.

Key features of the EvoFloors include:

  • Bottom layer of EvoFloors is wood plastic composite which is impervious to moisture and termites
  • Varying density of the three layers gives acoustic insulation properties to the floors below, a major concern in hi rise living these days
  • Precise joinery system gives your floor a seamless and graceful look that can be installed easily and efficiently.
  • No chemical odour and zero volatile organic compound emissions from the unique coating used to finish the floors which requires minimal maintenance.

On the launch of EvoFloors, Avijit Marwwah, Director, EvoWood, said, “We are constantly innovating and developing new products to promote the usage of natural materials for living spaces. Our products are geared to bring ease of use and address the concerns that end users face for solid wood applications. EvoFloors have been developed acknowledging the fact that today customers are looking for premium wooden floors in attractive and modern designs while requiring minimal maintenance. Being solid wood, these flooring solutions have an exponentially higher abrasion resistance compared to laminate and veneers making it an ideal choice for wood lovers.”

These flooring solutions are easy to install and come in various designs using solid wood species such as Burma Teak, American Walnut, White Oak, White Ash and Persian Lilac. The price range of EvoFloors starts from INR 300 to 600 per square foot. These floors are available at our stores in Delhi and Mumbai and also present in various other cities through our distribution network across the country.

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