Solar power to light up Hotwar Complex

The mega sports complex in Hotwar, Ranchi under flak for its dilapidated state, is mulling on a clean energy venture that will redeem it to some extent.

The multi-core facility set up for National Games 2011 wants to generate green energy for its own use and sell the surplus power to a government agency. For this, Jharkhand State Sports Promotion Society (JSSPS) is working out a plan to set up a solar energy generation plan on its premises to generate around 5 megawatt (MW) power.

The sports society’s local management committee CEO Alok Kumar said to a reporter, that they were making provision of funds for this project in 2018-19 fiscal. “We are estimating investments in tune to Rs 20-25 crore to set up a solar power plant. We are aiming to set up a plant with a generation capacity of anywhere between 4 MW and 5MW to begin it,” Kumar said.

The mega sports complex in Hotwar has nine stadiums, a VIP guesthouse and a players’ hostel.

When asked if power generated would be enough for the whole facility, Kumar said it would be sufficient to switch on to an alternative mode of energy.

“Though we will have access to conventional mode of power, focus will be on lessening reliance on existing modes of power. In case of surplus generation of green energy, we will sell it to the government to claim rebate/discounts on our power bills as per provisions. It will be win-win situation for all,” he said.

Though he said he could not give an exact timeline for the project, he promised it would be their priority this 2018-19 fiscal.

“Simultaneously, we are also in touch with Jharkhand Renewable Energy Development Agency (JREDA)  to explore subsidies we could get for this project. We will get a clear picture in a couple of weeks after which we shall begin ground works,” he said.

Simultaneously, JSSPS also approached state urban development department recently to replace existing electrical fittings put up in 2009-10 at Khelgaon and Hotwar with LEDs.

“The Centre has emphasised on LEDs as it is energy efficient. So, we have written a letter to the department concerned with our request for LEDs. Over 5,000 street-lights exist across the premises here,” Kumar said.

Last November, Jharkhand State Cricket Association (JSCA) roped in German company Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) to set up a 400KW solar power plant at the world-class cricket stadium in Dhurwa. The project is coming up with an investment of around Rs 10 crore.


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