SHARP forays into Commercial Air Purification Systems

SHARP Commercial Air Purifier

SHARP, a renowned name in Air & Water Purification, Consumer Durable Products, Professional Displays and Office Solutions has forayed into commercial air purification space by launching two new products. With these launches, SHARP aims to expand its foothold in commercial air purification.

The main highlights of the launch are SHARP FU-551K commercial air purifier which is specially designed for commercial spaces such as hospitals, offices, cafeterias and hotels etc. The latest launch uses the similar dual technology of HEPA & Active Carbon filters which is used by its home air purifiers to removes PM2.5 and other gaseous substances while SHARP’s owned, developed and award-winning Plasmacluster technology generates fresh air, eliminates toxic fumes, gases, moulds and reduces static electricity providing clear and fresh air. It has 3-way airflow for better coverage.

SHARP Commercial Air Purifier

The coverage area for SHARP FU-551K is 40 sq.m and weight only 9.1 kg which is lighter in comparison to other commercial air purifier and can be either mounted on a wall or placed on a shelf. It has 4 operation modes (full, max, medium and low) and also comes with a clean sign indicator apart from dust & odour sensors.

Apart from this, SHARP has also launched its all-new Plasmacluster Ion Generators – IG-001DGT and IG-001DDT. These generators can be installed inside the air supply ducts and can purify 70 square meters area in single master or 7 sub-units configuration. Both products weigh under 200 grams and consume less than 2watts.

Features of SHARP Plasmacluster Ion Generator:

·         Deactivates Bacteria and Viruses.

·         Reduces Asthma Triggers from Allergens

·         Stops Fungal Growth

·         Eliminates Odours

·         Removes Static Electricity.

A healthy and productive work environment is a key requirement for any green, sustainable commercial space. Air pollution significantly impacts productivity. Good indoor air quality plays a vital role in creating a healthy and productive workplace and SHARP’s new range of commercial air purification solutions are designed to improve indoor air.

Ashish Gupta, Sales Head, Commercial Air Purifiers-SHARP

Pricing and Availability:

SHARP FU551K is priced around INR 75,000/- and ducted Ion Generators is priced around INR 30,000/-per set of a Master and Sub Unit. All models are available.

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