Schneider Electric expands its product portfolio

In line with its commitment to empower its customers with safe, reliable and connected products, Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, announced the launch of its medium-voltage protection relay – Easergy P3 in the Indian market. Easergy P3 is an addition to the company’s portfolio of connected products that combines real-time analytics with advanced technologies and solutions powered by Internet Of Things. The product is not only focused on attaining optimum efficiency at a reduced cost of implementation but also ensures speed in procurement, installation, wiring, and configuration. With the latest protection and modern digital communication capabilities, the launch is a major step forward in Medium Voltage equipment protection and control devices.

The Easergy P3 is also simple to integrate and operate for panel builders and system integrators. It makes every stage of the project significantly faster, from off-the-shelf product selection, to installation and configuration. The protection relay trips a circuit breaker when a fault is detected and is designed to save operational uptime. The Easergy P3 is also part of the Easergy product family, a modern range of solutions from Schneider Electric, which also includes the innovative, award-winning Easergy T300 feeder automation device.

Sharing his views on the product launch, Prakash Chandraker, Vice President and MD, Energy Business, Schneider Electric India, said: “In the fast-changing energy scenario in India, our customers and partners need better, easier-to-use products with faster delivery. The new, digitised Easergy P3 protection relay delivers exactly that to our Medium Voltage electrical distribution customers, and further strengthens our consistent focus on innovation at Every Level.” he said.

“Today’s distribution systems are becoming more and more decarbonised, digitised, and decentralised. Consequently, safety, reliability, and efficiency are becoming increasingly critical and complex to realise. The Easergy P3 is designed to meet those needs,” he added.

A set of digital tools for greater operational efficiency

  • The eSetup Easergy Pro configuration software is designed to be easy to use for non-experts, while also offering smart advanced functions such as the virtual simulation test
  • The Easergy SmartApp enables simpler and safer operation and maintenance without standing in front of a circuit breaker
  • Embedded web configuration allows fast setting changes without the need for the setup tool
  • Data from the Easergy P3 can be securely stored in a cloud-based repository and made available throughout the lifetime of the installation, with the mySchneider app
  • Our Partner Express ecosystem for accelerating MV projects, will make it easy for contractors and panel builders to select, configure, and order off-the-shelf configurations. 

A reliable, high-quality, and easy-to-use one-box solution

  • Proven protection and control functions give the Easergy P3 a rock-solid foundation to extend safety with embedded arc protection in one simple-to-use device
  • Best-in-class reliability and simplicity, covering a wide scope of MV applications and building on more than 100 years of proven Schneider Electric world-wide experience and quality.

One flexible, digital range, part of our EcoStruxure™ Power architecture

The Easergy P3 is compliant with IEC 61850 and designed to be fully interoperable with the latest communication protocols and standards, including parallel redundancy (PRP) architectures. In addition, as a part of EcoStruxure™ Power, Schneider’s IoT-enabled, open, and interoperable architecture, it provides enhanced value around safety, reliability, efficiency, sustainability, and connectivity.

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