Saint Gobain India Pvt. Ltd – Gyproc Business introduces – GLASROC H

Saint-Gobain India Pvt. Ltd-Gyproc Business, a market leader in gypsum-based solutions, has yet again expanded its line of innovative products by announcing the launch of Glasroc H board. The product is a revolution in the wet area application and provides an outstanding performance in areas where there is frequent exposure to water, such as kitchens, bathrooms and semi-exposed areas.

This new generation plasterboard has been manufactured with the GRG technology (Glass reinforced gypsum) having glass fibre reinforced gypsum core and encased with specially treated hydrophobic glass mat liners. The front and back surface is reinforced with glass mats that provide water and mold resistance.

Given the versatility of this paperless gypsum board, it can be utilised in residential, commercial, retail, hospitality and healthcare spaces. The product offers high resistance to water and humidity reduces passage of water even while providing vapour permeability to the structure. Glasroc H has higher density than regular plasterboard and provides enhanced acoustic performance. The installation of this board can happen at twice the speed of the cement board. Specially designed for tiling, Glasroc H can take tiles upto weight 60Kg per square meter directly and also can be jointed & finished to provide any decorative paint finish.

Commenting on the launch of Glasroc H, an official said, “Gyproc has been spearheading the drywall technology in India and we will continue to do so with our customer centric innovative products and solutions. The launch of Glasroc H is an important addition to our robust product portfolio of gypsum-based high performance plasterboards. This product is best suited for Wet Area applications and quite superior to all traditional solutions. I am confident that this innovation will be well received by our customers.”

On the eve of product launch, Fernando Martin, Global Marketing Manager, Saint Gobain, gave a presentation on the journey of the product. Startint with introduction of Saint Gobain and gypsum in India, he explained about the tests performed on the plasterboard to make it durable and waterproof. He also shed light on technologies in wet area and the key requirements to be considered while designing for the space. This product effectively addresses multiple issues pertaining to Wet Area applications through higher water resistance, tile fixing, and resistance to mold growth. Innovative products like Glasroc H will be instrumental in upgrading the market by setting new paradigms in performance, functionality and aesthetics versus conventional solutions

The presentation was followed by a brief question & answer session and the evening concluded with cocktail and a networking dinner.



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