Rugs and Beyond awarded for ‘Most Innovative E-Tailer of the Year’


Rugs and Beyond, an e-commerce company for selling ‘One of a Kind’ handmade rugs and home décor was felicitated for being one of the ‘Most Innovative E-tailer of the Year’ by Retailer Online and Entrepreneur India held in New Delhi on November 8, 2017.

Sakshi Talwar, Co-Founder, Rugs and Beyond said, “Winning an award is all about team effort. I staunchly believe that a single voice cannot make a choir and a single tree cannot make a forest. It’s a combined team effort and we diligently strive to achieve the best.”

Rugs and Beyond comprises of an array of beautiful hand knotted carpets in various modern, traditional and transitional designs and patterns. The beauty of each carpet is that each piece is intricately woven with utmost precision and craftsmanship. For instance, to weave a Silk Rug in a 6×9 feet size, it could take anywhere between 6-12 months depending upon a variety of factors like knots, weave, intricacy, color combination, etc. There are inexpensive carpets also available that are primarily machine made or hand-tufted. Upon asking about the same, Rugs and Beyond was quick to answer, “We basically specialise in hand-knotted Rugs and Carpets of fine quality and do not encourage the use of hand-tufted or machine made carpets which are less fine and not very durable.”

India accounts for more than 70% of the world’s market share in terms of hand knotted Rugs and Carpets, which is huge, given the sheer size and volume of the market. Rugs and Beyond’s primary aim is to disrupt the market by being an aggregator between weavers and end customers and providing a platform to these talented craftsmen. On finding out about company’s future endeavors, Talwar said, “The Sky is the limit. We are also launching our own in-house Rug label in 2018 and shall also be inculcating latest technology to enhance the user experience.”


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