Relaunch of Baaya Version 4.0

Baaya Ver 4.0 will inspire amazement and appreciation about the artisan skills and the tantalising possibilities that emerge with the help of contemporary design.

The new and improved store at Raghuvanshi Mills Compound, Lower Parel, is designed to re-imagine your interiors, providing well-thought-out mock-ups for visualisation of various living spaces like a living room, home office and dining area. The renovated store offers more space, new product categories and varied choice! You can expect a mix of new, innovative art, artefacts, zany furniture, mirrors and rugs apart from the classic range available at Baaya. The range has been curated from the corners of India to add the ‘Baaya appeal’ to your home. The place where tradition meets design.

The store will also feature ’Baaya Design Studio’, where they help design and execute customised solutions for interiors – be it a residence, office or a hotel. Customisation enables possibilities that are only limited by your imagination. The Design Studio will have a full-time design consultant available to suggest exciting concepts for your spaces.

At Baaya, their mission is to work with customers, architects and interior designers to re-imagine interiors. Handcrafted products not only give a very personalized touch to interior spaces but also connect at an emotional level to our roots. Our social agenda is to be a platform for talented artisans who can work with designers to showcase their capabilities and create new and exciting interior styling solutions.

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