Raheja launches Imperia, that’s based on the low density concept

Raheja Imperia, from the stable of Raheja Universal, is a premium luxury project located at Worli. This project is developed on the premise to offer customers larger spaces and with more privacy, giving a luxuriant feel to the whole apartment. This project is based on the Low Density concept, giving residents more open space with larger green cover within the project.

Imperia_HighRes-22Today, the types of residential developments one typically gets to choose from in South Mumbai are SRA, Cess, Cluster, Public Car Parking and Greenfield. A Greenfield project comes with its zonal FSI and is purely for free sale, whereas the rest mostly have an FSI of 3 or 4, with a large rehab component. So, the average number of people staying in one acre of land for SRA, Cess, PPL, Cluster projects is almost two or three times than that of the Greenfield (a.k.a. virgin plot) project. With such a high population density, the per head amenity space also decreases considerably, and one ends up sharing their world with many others, craving privacy even though they’re paying such a massive premium to buy an apartment in the one of the best locations of the city.

Imperia_HighRes-02A whiff of fresh air and a perfect solution to these wants comes Raheja Universal’s Imperia, the luxury developer’s premium offering, in Worli. Raheja Universal believes in creating large private spaces and offering open spaces and green cover within their properties as well. The project is constructed on a virgin plot, implying that there would be absolute privacy and unmatched luxury.

Imperia_HighRes-04Raheja Imperia comes free of public car parking, SRA or rehabilitation requirements, which means that the benefits of the facilities are solely for residents to enjoy; a much craved privacy in a densely populated city like Mumbai.

With configurations of 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 and 5 BHK and all lavish amenities inside, the entire project has demarcated zones that promise to take care of individual needs of every family member.

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