Pune-based startup launches India’s first app for Google Tango

(Image: www.digit.in)

A tech start-up based out of Pune, Renewate, has launched an app for Google Tango, thereby becoming the first company from India to do so. The app is aimed at helping property owners, interior designers and contractors visualise all renovation requirements via Augmented Reality (AR).

Debashree Ghatak, architect and co-founder, Renewate said, “Although there are several design softwares available to interior designers and architects, the challenge remains to showcase the design concepts to clients in real time. Also, most of these software and apps are built for western markets hence do not contain the required features to be useful for India or even Asia at large.”

Those using the app can point their Tango enabled device at a certain section of the house and add paint schemes, tiles, electrical devices and more. This allows them to check how the new additions will fit with the overall design and aesthetics.

(Source: www.digit.in)


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