Plüsch introduces +VENOVO By Poggenpohl

Plüsch introduces Poggenpohl’s +VENOVO; a new and extraordinary product that now definitively eliminates the boundary between kitchen and living, to the Indian market. +VENOVO is designed for people who live with flexibility because the +VENOVO design is derived from the open layout and no longer from the classic kitchen with its firmly defined areas. +VENOVO is cleverly crafted, the kitchen appears to be weightless, while the above-surface countertop alludes the eye into believing that it is defying gravity. The Poggenpohl’s assortments are exclusively available at all Plüsch showrooms in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

Aiming in its design to eliminate the boundary between the kitchen and living areas, the +VENOVO works best with an open-plan layout and looks attractive when viewed from any angle. It seems to float elegantly and almost delicately in the room, supported by two streamlined frames floating around the carcass. An invisible carrying frame makes a prop in the middle area completely unnecessary. This is how the +VENOVO floating effect comes into being. In addition, +VENOVO is an efficiency talent: all functions and areas such as hob, exhaust ventilation, oven, refrigerator, sink and worktop are almost unobtrusively organized. The drawers with their neat order encourage you to sort cutlery, spices or other kitchen utensils. Chopping boards are also integrated into the space between the upper and lower worktop. 

With +Venovo, you can move freely. The modular designed furniture can be easily set up again. If you would like to reorient yourself and switch city, you can move with +VENOVO and set the furniture up again in an uncomplicated way. Not only diverse, creative living variations emerge in combination with freestanding +VENOVO side and highboards. Even more, as a result, the experience spaces are newly created and these can be defined by the customers themselves.

+VENOVO is to be understood as a response to global megatrends such as urbanization and mobility. And as an optimal addition to the Poggenpohl portfolio through an innovative, contemporary product!

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