Philips Lighting (now called Signify), establishes EyeComfort Parameters for better user experience, Trademarks “EyeComfort”

Philips Lighting which now calls itself Signify, announced new “EyeComfort” parameters for its collection of consumer LED lamps and integrated luminaires. The company plans to place an EyeComfort trademark on packaging, beginning in 2018.

While various aspects of eye comfort have their own measurements or can be calculated such as glare, and flicker, no one in the lighting industry has previously devised a universal standard for defining the overall comfort of a person’s eyes when exposed to light sources and displays.

The company’s “EyeComfort” parameters include flicker, strobe, glare and dimming effects.

The company points it out to people spending more time inside and in front of smart devices and computer screens and smart devices. The World Health Organization forecasts that by 2050 one in two people will be short sighted. The company notes that although people rely on their eyes for everyday activities, research shows that in terms of health people are less concerned about eye care compared to fitness and weight loss.

Rowena Lee, Business Leader, LED Lamps at Philips Lighting, said, “People find light quality very important however they have difficulty choosing lights that are comfortable for their eyes. This is especially the case, as factors such as flicker and strobe can be difficult to notice. As the global market leader, we’re committed to delivering lighting that is designed to be comfortable for the eyes, and we’ll continue to innovate in this area, expanding our research on “EyeComfort.”


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