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As bathrooms have become a design core of almost all types of projects, the sanitaryware plays one of the vital roles for the complete look. Lipka introduces their latest range of sanitaryware to give you the perfect bathroom experience in style.


Faucets are essential elements in any household as part of the kitchen or bathroom. They are used to deliver water from the supply into the house for the purpose of drinking, cooking, washing, cleaning and many other things. A good faucet is vital for the maintenance of healthy hygiene. 

Lipka, having a wide range of products and designs to choose from, manufactures faucets made from the highest quality materials and lead-free brass, to provide you with clean water. They have an ever-lasting shine and flawless finish to add on to the ambience of a modern bathroom. Lipka faucets are manufactured to keep the quality of water intact, and they offer their clients seven years’ warranty. 

Hand Shower

Lipka strives to manufacture highest grade hand showers without compromising on the feeling of a good shower. Their collection of hand showers are designed to deliver great precision and consistent water distribution to each nozzle.

Additionally, these hand showers have multiple flow options, various shapes and sizes, and come for every taste and budget, making a mundane everyday task to an evaluating experience.

Floor Drain

A contemporary and modern looking floor drains to suit the bathroom. Stainless steel is undeniably durable, with the ability to take good amount of force and pressure to handle the constant rigours of day-to-day usage. This durability is one of the reasons why it is perfect for bathroom floor grates and drains.

Shower Drain Channel

Shower drain channels are designed to accumulate and convey wastewater. It is important to choose a reliable and durable shower drain channel that offers a sufficient drainage capacity. Lipka provides multiple designs and dozens of sizes that can be perfectly integrated into the bathrooms. Lipka’s shower drain channel gives you the extra insurance of having a simple and versatile product that doesn’t compromise on functionality. 

Cockroach Trap

Lipka Cockroach Traps prevents the entry of foul air, insects and vermin from the sewers into the house and resists the spread of diseases. Foul gases produced in the sewers drains and waste-pipes can cause nuisance by entering the house through connecting pipes if their passage is not kept in check. These gases are not just foul-smelling but acidic as well, slowly corroding your faucets and other fittings. 

Lipka Cockroach Traps are constructed to retain some water which acts as a water seal. They are self-cleansing type and generate enough velocity from the available flow to have a self-cleaning effect, with the help of a smooth stainless steel finish and a wide bore.

They come in more than a hundred different shapes and sizes to suit everyone’s needs. All LCTs come with a removable grating at the top for easy cleaning.

Towel Rings

Towel rings are one bathroom accessory that saves some counter space in the bathroom. These are wall-mounted accessories that best match the bathroom décor. Lipka towel rings come in more than fifty designs and are produced with brass and stainless steel. This product has been designed to achieve a uniformity of design in terms of quality and performance to best match the style, taste and at the same time, suit the budget.

Lipka Group of Companies: Well-chosen fittings can give any bathroom that uber-modern look. Lipka is a leading manufacturer of a bespoke range of Bathroom & Kitchen fittings with products that reflect purism, elegance, and aesthetics with functionality, Lipka is all set to make a design statement in the bathroom. From initially manufacturing only bathroom drain, Lipka has now successfully diversified into multiple verticals like Faucets, Kitchen Sinks, Floor Drains, Bathroom Accessories and various allied items. It is the No1 & most selling, manufacturer of Bathroom Drains in India. The products are a perfect blend of fine craftsmanship, efficient functionality, contemporary designs and excellent quality.

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