Pearl Academy graduating students design for a better India

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Pearl Academy, India’s leading institute for design, fashion, creative business and media, recently showcased many projects which were created by students from its School of Design. Professional designers were on hand for the show and were impressed by projects that were designed to provide unique solutions to enhance the quality of life of people with special needs and abilities, as well as promoting the work and craft of artisans.

About the students’ achievements:

Shelly Shukla, a student of Interior Design & Styling, designed the space for an institute to provide autism-spectrum students a relaxing and calming learning environment by using the four basic elements of nature: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire.

Raunaq Nanda, designed a concept for adaptive re-use of a water tank structure as a crafts museum and retail space

Siddhi Golecha, a postgraduate student of Communication Design, designed an innovative learning aid that will help children suffering from dyslexia master the art of reading and writing in Devanagari script

Priyanka Hanspal, developed a board game concept that encourages introverts to move forward and conquer challenges that would normally cause them agitation

Anmol Gupta, a Product Design student, designed a tool for hygienic manure collection for rural women. It is designed for easy adoption and affordability, and employs ergonomic features for carrying over long distances

Nishu Aggi, an Interior Architecture and Design student, designed a school for the blind in Ludhiana. Her concept is to provide educational infrastructure for the blind that enables them to merge into mainstream society and rise as independent individuals through various stages of learning.

The Train Hospital project is another interesting concept devised by Shreya Saini , a PG student from Interior Design and Styling. The idea is to harness the expansive network of Indian Railways by providing four specialized train coaches having facilities like pathology and x-ray with an aim to provide quick medical care and consultation to patients in remote locations

“A designer’s skillset lies somewhere between art and science. A student has to be good at colour, composition, and visual aesthetics but also at research, analysis, and functionality. We are happy that our students have worked really hard and have designed some outstanding projects which not only display good design process but have also shown a deep understanding of human behaviour and culture,” said Nidhip Mehta, Head of the School of Design at Pearl Academy.


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