Parryware launches new campaign across PVR cinemas in India

Parryware, India’s contemporary bathroom solutions brand, launched a national campaign ‘Parryware Loo Break’.

A first of its kind campaign breaks the clutter of crowded advertising space and is delivered in the most receptive environment of cinema, subtly seeding the brand amongst the audience. Going beyond conventional advertising, ‘Parryware Loo Break’ marks the beginning of the intermission ensuring complete attention of the audience at PVR Cinemas across the country.

Commenting on the campaign launch, KE Ranganathan, Managing Director, Roca Bathrooms Pvt Ltd. said, “All of us interact with multiple bathroom brands during a day in different environments. Our intent was to explore a perfect opportunity to effortlessly yet effectively seed brand Parryware in a natural environment.  ‘Parryware Loo Break’ creates an interaction with the audience in a novel fashion, making Parryware synonymous with loo breaks.”

This campaign will be extended to other mediums and across touchpoints in the near future. Delivering contemporary and youthful bathroom solutions in India, brand Parryware is known for many industry firsts, product innovations and for introducing global technology in the Indian market.

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