Paper Shaper makes furniture out of cardboards for a sustainable future

Mumbai-based Haresh Mehta came up with Paper Shaper, a startup to find an alternative material that meets all the requirements of wooden furniture and at the same time is eco-friendly. Under this brand name, he designs and manufactures furniture made out of corrugated cardboard. This furniture is portable, durable, easy to assemble and store, recyclable, and costs less in comparison to furniture made of any other material.

The furniture designed by Haresh is appropriate for an urban life as it is durable, lightweight, portable, and trendy. When not in use, it can be dismantled and stored without wasting much space. The range of cardboard furniture covers cradles, chairs, storages, organisers, and even coffins. These coffins decompose faster than the wooden ones. Also, using cardboard furniture can significantly reduce the cutting of trees.

“I have been toying with the idea for nearly 25 years, but the decision to launch the brand Paper Shaper online in May 2017 is relatively new. It was hard to convince people that corrugated furniture is sturdy and durable as the storage boxes they see in grocery stores are flimsy. I made a rocking chair out of the boxes and made people sit on it to alter their perception about cardboard furniture”, says Haresh Mehta.

The product price range starts at Rs 3,000 with global delivery of the furniture. The company expects to have a revenue base of Rs 30-40 crore in the coming five years. His fresh designs have earned him recognition and include big brand clients like- Camlin, Philips, Bajaj, Raymond and Gini & Jony.


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