Otis launches the CompassPlus system with new design options

CompassPlus_Lobby_new screen designOtis, the world’s leading manufacturer and maintainer of elevators, escalators and moving walkways has launched the Otis CompassPlus system that can be installed before or during an elevator modernisation project, providing increased passenger efficiency, seamless security integration and a new customisable, contemporary design.

The system gets passengers to their destinations as much as 50 percent faster than conventional dispatching systems. It also works seamlessly with the building’s security system to manage floor access.

“We worked closely with key customers and discovered the need for a custom-engineered destination dispatching solution at the beginning of the modernisation process,” said Robin Fiala, Vice president, New Equipment Marketing & Strategic Planning, Otis. “After installing the CompassPlus system upgrade as the first step of the modernisation in key cities around the world, we found people adapted quickly to the new intuitive design. In fact, they didn’t notice when cars were taken out of service for upgrades due to the improved performance CompassPlus provided.”

Using SmartGrouping™ technology, the CompassPlus system directs elevators where they are needed, eliminates duplicative stops, and puts elevators in standby mode when not needed delivering passengers to their desired floors more efficiently and measurably reducing overall energy consumption.

In addition, the CompassPlus system can integrate with the building security system including those offered by Chubb, Lenel and Edwards, Otis sister companies and leaders in the building security industry, to limit floor access to tenants and visitors with the proper credentials.

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