Orient Bell Limited redesigns schools with their educational tiles

With a deep understanding of the ever-growing need for quality education in our country Orient Bell Limited, one of the largest manufacturers of ceramic and vitrified tiles in the country has innovated educational tiles. These tiles have been created to modernize the face of learning in schools and adapt to the pace of the gen-next students studying there.


Orient Bell Limited has launched educational tiles with the purpose of converting a school into a complete learning studio with multiple learning opportunities from peers as well as surroundings. The focus is geared towards making not only the classrooms but the entire school building more interactive while also promoting unconventional forms of education like visual literacy from corridor walls, staircases and other open spaces in the school. Traditionally, learning has only been confined to classrooms and certain spaces in the school are often overlooked and underutilised like hallways, cafeterias, performance spaces, assembly areas etc. With the use of these tiles, these spaces will be properly utilised and promote informal learning opportunities for kids.

Educational tiles benefit the teachers by creating an atmosphere of interactive learning and prove to act as an aid to the students in terms of increased engagement. They also help in reducing violence and bullying in schools as students are subconsciously engaged with educational tiles in their free time. While being associated with a lower maintenance cost, these tiles help in reducing the use of chart paper and plastic charts by a significant amount.

Orient Bell Limited spent Christmas 2018 by giving industry leaders a chance to be a Santa. The thought behind this was established after witnessing the state of infrastructure provided at a government school situated near the company’s factory in TilBegumpur, Uttar Pradesh. This evoked the already present need in the company to provide quality education to children and create a medium for interactive learning. With 1.6 million schools present in India and out of that, advancement taking place in only 1-2 lakh of them, Orient Bell Limited was resolute in doing their part to improve the situation.

The concept behind the ‘Be A Santa’ campaign was to reach out to these industry leaders to nominate a school of their choice where they’d like Orient Bell Limited to renovate the school with educational tiles. They received nominations from all parts of the country and had an esteemed panel of internal & external judges select from the nominated schools to have the maximum impact on students.

Syed Sultan Ahmed along with Aradhana Agarwal were the judges for the event and have an extraordinary depth of experience and expertise in the education sector. Syed Sultan Ahmed is Managing Director of LXL Ideas, which makes educational content for students. Sultan and Aradhana together decided on Rajkiya Jubilee Inter College, Lucknow, a heritage school building founded in 1886, to be revamped as a part of this campaign. The school needs renovation and Orient Bell Limited plans to bring it to life again with their educational tiles.

Orient Bell Limited recognises that education is the backbone of our society and every child should have access to quality education. According to Aditya Gupta, CEO, Orient Bell Limited, “The future and faith of our country is in the hands of the next generation. They are the catalysts for change and hence, it is of utmost importance to provide them with the highest quality of education available. There is a need to develop a passion for learning and make it more interactive rather than mundane and routine”.

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