O’My by Anju Goyal revives Hand Crafted Linen

Anju Goyal

O’My offers a curated range with an emphasis on cushions, beddings, table runners, carpets and tea-cosies. The brand customises look and has on site interior experts at its studio in New Delhi, each one working closely with the founding designer Anju Goyal, to recreate the look for the bed room, drawing room and dining table.

Anju Goyal says, “For me my work is worship. It is a personification of my love for my Guru Om Sai who gently places us on a path of perfection. I am simply following that path and trying to beautify homes which are temples we live in.”

At O’My, beds get decorated with sheets and pillows made of linen and fine embroidery. The duvets and quilts in jewel tones of silk get hand tucked, hand painted, embellished and embroidered to exude a lux air. Cushions and foot runners complete this Victorian look for the bed.

The dining table is a space for to go through dinner on Anju Goyal’s needle-worked mats and runner and enjoy a cup of tea with her tea cosies and tray covers. All crafted out of the finest linen and cotton and accentuated with rare embroideries like petit point, cross- stitch, convent embroidery etc.

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