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Swing table seating
Clockwise from L -Vikash Anand, Ankur Muchal, Mrinal Sharma, Kunal Sharma

Offices and workstations in offices are an indispensable part of every working professional’s life. Often, this office space becomes our ‘home away from home’. To make these ‘second homes’ a beautiful and attractive place, Flipspace, an online interior design website has come up with a venture called, ‘Flipstore’. ‘Flipstore’ has over two lakh products manufactured and sourced on the platform.

“The website is only 8 months old but the outreach it has maintained is notable,” says Kunal Sharma, CEO of the company. The website broadly offers two categories of services— products and spaces. Chairs, carpets, workstations, shelves, creative and off-beat seating areas, wall furnishings, lights, storage, terrace etc are the services that fall under these categories. The functioning of the company largely happens at three levels — selection of the products at the ‘Flipstore’, visualisation of the chosen products and the final step of execution of the well-built plan. The entire process is just a click away.

Swing table seating

Flipstore has a tie-up with both small manufacturers and large brands across various categories, and their target audience includes start-ups, large corporates, and builders, who are looking for a co-working market for the best results. “Open-office concepts are booming in India and our intention is to help the customers design and furnish cool, vibrant and young offices reflective of both their work culture and brand outlook,” says Ankul Muchhal, co-founder of Flipstore.

“The onset of the idea behind creating an online platform was spontaneous. We noticed how our customers were getting frustrated with the idea of visiting physical stores time and again. Even after putting in a lot of effort, customers were not satisfied with the final product.

The gap between visualising the look of the offices and implementing it created a huge impact. Hence, we came up with a one-time solution of introducing ‘Flipstore’, which easily paved way to all the concerns,” says Kunal.

The founders initially made an investment of Rs 10 lakh and have been successfully running without loss.
Flipstore is currently engaged in designing workstations for Bosch across India. They have also undertaken projects for building music studios for Radio Mirchi. They have their work base at Mumbai and Bengaluru. The entire process of choosing the product services and visualising the offices take approximately 5-10 days.

The charges for the same depend on the size and space of work involved. On an average, it costs Rs 40- Rs 50 lakh. The execution and the groundwork are carried out with much care and attention with the involvement of the founders themselves.


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