NTL Lemnis launches energy efficient “Pharox Flare Plus Flood Lights”

NTL Lemnis, the leading LED Lighting Solutions Company, has added a range of flood lights to its energy efficient product portfolio, with the launch of “Pharox Flare Plus flood light”.

They are available in four wattages: 40W, 80W, 120W, 160W. These professional range floodlights  fill a very wide gap that existed in meeting optimal lighting requirements that were energy efficient too

“The Pharox Flare Plus range of flood lights are a welcome addition to our product portfolio for the professional range and we are sure that our customers in the B2B and institutional segment will appreciate it. This modular range with a lifetime of 50,000 hours will provide a very welcome and energy efficient alternative to our professional range of floodlights, in an aesthetically pleasing and sturdy casing”, says Tushar Gupta, Executive Director, NTL Lemnis.

The concept of Modularity and external driver in flood lights is a USP for each Pharox Flare Plus. Each module is of 40W, and therefore any incremental increase will mean larger number of modules, which are independent, leading to robustness and add a fail safe mechanism, wherein even in case of failure of one, the others will work. This makes it risk free and good for safety purposes. An external driver helps in better maintenance and therefore the flood-light offers a hassle free upkeep.

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