Architects turn defunct ‘kattha’ factory into classroom in Noida

According to a Hindustan Times report, a group of veteran architects and an award winning photographer have remodelled and set up an exhibition of the erstwhile ‘kattha’ factory outlet, to explore the idea of ‘metamorphosis’ of an abandoned building through innovation and renovation.

The initiative has been put together by renowned photographer, Andre Jeanpierre Fanthome, and The Design Village Institute. They have transformed the abandoned factory into a refurbished model institute for design students.

“The basic idea of my work was to show ‘khandhar’, which means an abandoned building. The process of renovating the building and tracing the process of metamorphosis has been depicted through my artwork,” said Fanthome.

The state government in 2014 had directed that the factory be shut, after receiving complaints of excessive pollution created. The premises were abandoned and left as is till The Design Village (TDV) Institute acquired it to run its classes after refurbishing it.

Sourabh Gupta, an architect and one of the founders of TDV said, “Education is about inspiring and not just informing people. We want to change the way students are taught so that they are able to think out of the box. Creativity cannot be inspired in regular classrooms. Students can now better visualise the industrial workspace they are going to work in and their creativity will increase manifold. This is the idea behind running an institute from an abandoned space.”

The institute also intends to run its classes from the refurbished factory outlet for its design students. Regular classes for four-year design course are being run on the premises. A total of 75-80 students will be taught in these unique and interesting classroom spaces.


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