New York architects plan skyscraper hanging from an asteroid

Clouds Architecture Office has released plans for a quite a futuristic skyscraper and it is going to be dangling from the sky. Dubbed as the ‘Analemma Tower‘ the building will hover above the ground in all its majesty. The building would be attached to an actual asteroid which will forcibly installed into the orbit around the earth.

The tower would be suspended from a cable attached to the asteroid placed in ‘eccentric geosynchronous orbit’. Hence, the residents would keep traveling between the northern and southern hemisphere and would hover longer over New York or Dubai.

Taking this ambitious project a step ahead, NASA’s ‘Asteroid Redirect Mission‘ will soon send a robot to collect a boulder off an asteroid and place into a stable orbit around the moon. Analemma Tower’s designers said that the tower could be made of light-weight materials such as carbon fiber and aluminum. The energy required for the building’s journey would be harnessed from solar panels which had exposure to sunlight. While water will be captured from rainwater and stored in a semi-closed loop system. The proposed tower is expected to reach 3000 mph while it travels through the sky.


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