New service from Archicentre Australia ensures ongoing liveability for elderly and disabled


A new service from Archicentre Australia will help ageing and disabled people to remain living safely in their own homes for as long as possible.

Under the Home Access & Services Report, an architect will assess a home, identifying health and safety concerns. Advice and design support will be tailored to the needs of the individual, utilising the latest products and complying with building codes.

“This will establish a prioritised list for you, from which you, your family, your advisers, including occupational therapists, and the architect can quickly establish the most important areas demanding design attention before you go about organising quotes and construction,” says Peter Georgiev, director at Archicentre Australia.

“By eliminating health and safety risks, you’ll be prolonging independence, your quality of life as well as adding value to your home.”

Qualified and independent architects will provide a thorough assessment which will cover general maintenance, internal maintenance, personal safety, and health and safety. Assessed features include electrical, hot water service condition, heater replacement, path and floor safety, and slip-resistant flooring.


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