New Range of Decorative Wall Tiles by Orient Bell Limited

With the onset of the festive season, Orient Bell Limited, manufacturers of ceramic, wall, floor and vitrified tiles, recently launched a range of decorative wall tiles. These tiles are offered in two different sizes (300X600MM) and 300X450MM) in matte, satin matte, ceramic and vitrified body applications. These are available in a playful combination of multiple colours.

The royal designs and non-repetitive patterns of these tiles break the visual monotony of any space. Ranging from minimalist to extravagant tiles with silver and gold intricate artwork, one can choose from Orient Bell Limited’s wide range of decorative wall tiles designsWith soothing shades and designs comprising of understated florals, fine brocades print, patchwork, linear, geometric and psychedelic patterns, these stylish, beautifully embellished and high-quality tiles cater to all tastes and design aesthetics.

Made from Feldspar and clay, the decorative tiles make living areas appear more spacious and modern. Additionally, in order to redefine opulence, luxury and aesthetics, Orient Bell Limited has used the latest technology in digital printing to provide better pixel density.

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