New bathroom collection by AXOR

Purism on all accounts: With AXOR Uno, AXOR introduced its new bathroom collection at ISH in Frankfurt. Pipes, the oldest way of channelling water, define the collection’s two style variations – along the washbasin, the shower, and the bathtub. AXOR Uno is created in collaboration with the Stuttgart-based Phoenix Design studio.

Formal, Simple Design Language and the Aesthetics of Construction

AXOR Uno pursues the uncompromising design principles of the original Purist movement with consistent construction: two precisely shaped cylinders joined together at a right angle. The spouts and handles are available in radical or gently rounded versions. The precise contours and the raised proportions in the ‘golden ratio’ of the taps are their defining stylistic features, lending them a special aura and giving them a sleek and elegant look in any setting. Special surface finishes impart added radiance to the collection, which comprises over 70 products for washbasins, showers and bathtubs.

Purist Functional Design

Radical and modern Purism – both stylistic directions emphasise simplicity of function. Operation of the AXOR Uno taps has been reduced to the essential: the flow of water can be started or stopped by pressing the Select button, by turning the so-called ‘Zero’ handle, or by lifting the ergonomically shaped loop handle.

“Implemented at the highest technological levels, AXOR Uno is the quintessence of Purism: clean, minimalistic, subtle. This collection embodies the most fascinating shapes of Purism, both in form and in function. Each individual product reflects valuation for the material and precise and consistent construction. The underlying factor is our commitment to delivering perfection in design, craftsmanship and functionality,” Silke Giessler, Head of AXOR Brand Marketing, explains.


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