Mumbai civic body to replace 908 existing street lights in Andheri


The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) will soon replace 908 existing street lights in Andheri (West) with brighter ones.

According to civic officials, the project for better illumination on streets includes increasing the number of street lights and increasing the intensity of existing ones.

“908 or 10% of Andheri’s street lights have 70-watt bulbs. Although these have the required brightness as per the rules, there are problems like trees covering the lamps. Under phase I of the project, we will be converting the 70-watt bulbs into 150-watt ones. New roads shall also get new and brighter street lights,” said an official.

Addressing citizens’ complaints about unsafe areas, assistant municipal commissioner Prashant Gaikwad said, “We are conducting a survey of the entire Andheri/West ward to check which areas need more street lights.”

The conversion would mean an increase of INR 25,000 in the monthly maintenance cost.

Legislator Ameet Satam, who has been working on the issue since years, said, “Last year, there was a 10-15%  increase in the number of street lights in Andheri (W). Gilbert Hill road, Gulmohar road, JVPD scheme and areas in Amboli have dark patches and I have got complaints from there.”

“Currently, some are on during daytime and off during night time. Attaching daylight sensors will enable street lights to turn on and off automatically, ensuring optimum usage throughout. The BMC should consider such technologies,” he said.

Officials said that the work order for replacement of street lights will be placed in 15 days and it will take at least four months to complete the process.

For significant energy savings the BMC plans to convert more than 25,000 of its street lights into LED (light emitting diodes) by March 31.


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