Modis brainchild: Museum on tribal freedom fighters planned near SoU

Tribal Museum in Gandhinagar

The Gujarat government has finalized 103.18 crore INR for a national museum on contribution of tribal freedom fighters in India’s struggle for Independence. PM Narendra Modi is likely to lay the foundation stone of the new museum planned near the Statue of Unity during his visit on December 20, for the All-India DGP conference. The plans of the museum, which will reportedly have 7D holograms, may be strongly promoted in the tribal belt before the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. The museum site has been finalized, and is 5km from Garudeshwar along State Highway 5 near Statue of Unity.

Ramesh Chand Meena, secretary, tribal development department said, “In coordination with the Union ministry of tribal affairs, the state government has decided to set up a state-of-the-art National Museum of Tribal Freedom Fighters in Rajpipla, Narmada district with an estimated cost of 103.18 crore INR.” Meena said, “The idea was given by PM Narendra Modi himself. In total 16 major revolts (main galleries) and 93 minor revolts led by the tribal people will be displayed. For the first time 7D technology is likely to be used in the museum.’’ On August 15, 2016, PM Modi had said, “The government desires and is planning permanent museums in states where tribals lived, struggled against the Britishers and refused to bow down.”

He had added, “The government will work to make such museums in different states so that the coming generations may know how our tribal’s were far ahead in making sacrifices.” As a tribute to tribal freedom fighters, the Union ministry of tribal affairs has approved national level museums in Gujarat and Jharkhand. Meena said, “The tribal people of India have played a vital role in the freedom struggle, but their contribution is barely recognized in history. The aim of the national museum is to inform current and future generations about the sacrifices made by tribal freedom fighters.” “The museum will also significantly boost tourism potential of the area and create opportunities for livelihood and employment,” he added.

Ramesh Chand Meena said, “The museum will be equipped with latest technologies for solar energy harnessing, Rain water harvesting, green building, smart parking etc. The museum will also include a cultural centre, souvenir centre, tribal food court, open-air amphitheatre and other facilities.” Sources said the museum will also have an eco village, tribal huts of different states (25 of Gujarat and 25 of other states), 3D and 7D technology, augmented reality etc

The main galleries will display the Munda Revolts, Ho Uprising Revolts, Santhal Revolts, Muriya Revolts, Ekki Revolts, Mangardh Revolts, Dang Revolts, Nayaka Revolts, Rampa Revolts, Andamanese Revolts, Kurchiya Revolts, Khasi Revolts, Heraka Revolts, Kuki Revolts, Revolt of Bhil, Warli Revolt

Source: TOI

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