MHADA headquarters to undergo redevelopment

The 50-year-old structure known as the Maharashtra Housing and Area Development Authority (MHADA) headquarters or the Grihnirman Bhavan at Kalanagar, Bandra, will be undergoing redevelopment soon. The redevelopment project is estimated to cost Rs 150 crore to Rs 200 crore. The Mhada has already shortlisted 21 out of 28 bidders for the project, and the contract will be finalised with one of them by the end of this month. The Mhada had invited tenders for the project in November last year. The Mhada had specially mentioned in its advertisement that it required an architect consultant of national repute.

“Twenty-eight companies had responded to our advertisements and expressed interest in taking up the project. We have shortlisted 21 bidders and we will organise a design competition among the shortlisted firms. Based on the designs submitted by them, we will choose one firm that will be awarded the contract. The selected firm will also have to explain how it is going to implement the design,” said Deependra Singh Kushwah, CEO, Mhada. According to Mhada officials, there are two options for reconstruction — either the existing office building will be retained and a new building will be constructed in two phases, or the entire complex will be redeveloped. The total area for development is 22,505 sqm. “The actual construction work will start after six months,” said Kushwah.

Source: The Asian Age

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