Luxury Italian brand FLOU steps into the Indian Market- inaugrates showroom at Mahipalpur

The foggy winter morning of January 20, 2018, marked the welcome of the Luxury Italian Brand Flou, into the Indian Market with the inauguration of their showroom at Mahipalpur. Many eminent names, the who’s-who of the Architecture and Media industry had turned up for the unveiling of the works of Italian art, disguised as one of the most essential pieces of furniture in our homes. Flou had arrived – As prepared as can be, to entice the numerous hearts in the Indian market, to give them a taste of why the Italian artists and designers are world-renowned for their work. The store launch at Mahipalpur had the Italian ambassador Lorenzo Angeloni, president of Flou -Massimiliano Messina all the way from Milan, trade commissioner Francesco Pensabene and his wife. The store had spaces designed akin to a high-end exclusive exhibition, with renowned names establishing their relationship with the brand and the furniture with child-like curiosity. Managing Director and Chairman – Flou India, Capt. Mukesh Kumar with his team gleefully took it forward detailing about the USP of the Flou Culture of Sleep. The customisability, ease of self-maintenance, the idea of taking home a full-package sleep culture where there is no need to fret about the accessories and adjoining furniture for their bedrooms is what summarizes a “Complete Suite” experience of Flou. In addition to excellent beds, Flou offered all that one could desire for their bedrooms – Dynamic bedsheets with duvets, elegant wardrobes, marvellous interior décor which doubles up as a coat rack, technological answers to the storage woes of the Indian consumer were only the tip of the iceberg. The ribbon-cutting ceremony of the store was succeeded by an intense panel discussion on the most relevant architectural question of the year 2018: “What are the Interior trends of 2018?” The Panel discussion included celebrated architects – Ar. Sabeena Khanna – established epitome of design – Founder Studio KIA, Ar. Prachish Vasudeva – the man of distinct vision and a fountainhead of illuminating ideas for a high-end real estate firm, Ar. Abhigyan Neogi – an idol of knowledge and innovation incorporating in his designs – Founder Chromed Design Studio, Ar. Rohit Suraj – Founder Urban Zen – the hub of new age designs – blending his global design vision into designs in India- also the proud designer of Flou showroom Delhi.



They provided their expert opinions on:  What the modern (sometimes millennial) client of 2018 interiors desire from the architect? The ideas of “Instagram-able spaces”, what is the colour of the year 2018, which bold statements are here to stay, the shift of desiring an eclectic mix of modern and tradition rather than the minimalistic approach, how sustainability plays a vital role and the client-awareness to do what is right for the planet.

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