Luxury Bed brand Hästens to open outlets in Mumbai and Pune by year end

Hästens Sanger AB, Swedish luxury bed brand,  is keen to expand its retail footprint in India, especially to the Western part of India –  Mumbai, Pune, etc. According to Ludovic Letrillart, Regional Director (IMEA), Hästens Sanger AB, the company understands the importance of having a retail presence in key metros of the country and is in the process of “fixing it”.  Hästens currently has four Sleep Stores in India – two in Delhi NCR and one each in Hyderabad and Bengaluru.

Speaking to Architecture Update on the sidelines of the opening of the new Hästens Sleep store on MG Road in Delhi, Letrillart said that although Hästens has entered India market in 2012, they are still at the “early stages” because they are yet to have a presence in key metros of the country. “We are looking to have our solutions in Mumbai by this year end. While South and North is well taken care of, we want to have an active presence in Mumbai, Pune, Surat, etc. In the short-term we have to have at least five to six stores in India,” he said.

Talking about a specific characteristic of India market, he said that unlike European market, architects and interior designers are critical in markets like India, Middle East, etc., and it is important that the company gets its messaging right among them to further promote the products to the end customers.   He said that the awareness about the value of good sleep is still low in India and therefore the challenge is in choosing the right vehicle for messaging in sync with the retail footprint of  Hästens in the market.

Hästens Sleep Store on M.G. Road, Delhi is spread across 2000 sq ft and is designed as an experience zone where visitors can test Hästens Beds along with pillows, duvets and accessories in a plush environment. The store is divided into four zones – Brand Introduction zone, Craftsmanship, Material and Assortment zone, Sleep Spa zone and Customisation zone –  to give customers an optimal buying experience.

Each Hästens bed is handcrafted in the factory in Köping, Sweden, using premium Natural Materials such as Flax, Horsehair, Cotton, Wool and Scandinavian Pine,  giving the best Sleep Experience in the world. The beds can be customised, with size, colour and firmness options suited to individual preferences. Hästens beds are built to give its customers the most restful sleep.

Asim Afsar, Manager (India) Hästens, said, “India is a sleep-deprived nation. The present urban young generation, especially the mid-age is facing a lot of sleep-related health issues. Sleep makes one third of our life and it reflects on the balance two third. It’s high time we invest in sleep to perform better when we are awake”.

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