Luminous launches wall-mounted power backup system called ‘Regalia’

IMG_4293Luminous Power Technologies announced the launch of REGALIA– India’s most unique power back-up system that can be wall mounted and comes loaded with numerous features.  

It is the most compact power back-up system available in India and uses the latest in-built lithium ion battery technology – just like mobile phones. Regalia is maintenance-free, just fit it and forget it, with a battery lifespan of up to 10 years. The elegant design blends in seamlessly with the home décor, making it a suitable choice for both contemporary and traditionally styled homes.  

Regalia-productRegalia is future ready – it has the option to be charged with regular mains supply or through solar panels harnessing abundant solar energy. Its unique fast charging technology charges the battery completely in two to three hours.  

It enables users to stay connected using Wi-Fi and access information & diagnostics via their smartphones. It is safe, eliminating the risk of accidental contact by doing away with wires, terminals and includes an in-built safety mechanism to protect appliances from voltage surges and short circuits.  

Speaking at the launch, Vipul Sabharwal, MD, Luminous Power Technologies said, “India is a dynamic market demanding innovation at each step to upgrade their lifestyles. At Luminous, we have ensured excellent performance in quality and service and this is the reason we always come up with path-breaking products Indian consumers have never seen before. Regalia will change the way consumers perceive power backup technology. We are happy to bring a whole new experience to our consumers and are confident that they will like it.”  

Sachin Bhalla, VP, Marketing, Luminous stated that “Regalia is truly everything that consumer needs from a power backup system, it is stylish, smart, safe, solar ready and on top of this, it has an everlasting battery. We have created this product from our hearts.” 

As per Naveen Goudar, Senior VP, R&D, “It is a result of indigenous and innovative R&D at Luminous, it is a matter of great pride for us. We are very thrilled to bring lithium ion technology to the power backup industry for the first time in the market.”

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