Live architecture-focused performances will debut across New York City this November


Performa, an organisation dedicated to live performance across various disciplines, will be launching a new program centered around the relationship between architecture and performance in New York City for their seventh edition of the Performa Biennial.

The program, titled ‘Circulations’, is comprised of site-specific live performances and architectural experimentations in iconic venues throughout the city. Through performance, ‘Circulations’ aims to examine the movement of bodies in space while looking at how architecture exists in today’s built environment.

“From our daily routines, to the spaces that Performa identifies as frame or backdrop for Performa Commissions, it is the built environment that shapes our behavior and impacts our understanding of space,” said RoseLee Goldberg, founding director and curator of Performa.

Projects by various architects will be brought to life. Montreal-based architect François Dallegrat’s ‘The Environment-Bubble,’ a blueprint envisioning a flexible dome capable of hosting multiple occupants, will become a (temporary) reality and roam the city as an inflatable structure, hosting dance workshops. Philip Johnson’s Glass House will be occupied by French artist Jimmy Robert, transforming the icon into a stage ‘that delves into the intersections of architecture, visibility, and black representation.’

Other artists and architects will present installations and performances, including a collaboration between the Marching Cobras of New York, a Harlem-based after-school drum line and dance team, with Bryony Roberts and Mabel O. Wilson, architects and professors at Columbia University’s Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation (GSAPP).

Performa will also be launching a publication focusing on historical and contemporary works by architects who have incorporated performance into their practice, as well as a symposium that further examines the historical relationship between buildings and cities. ‘Circulations’ will take place from November 1 to 19, 2017.


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