Little Nap launches its high-tech luxury recliner

Little Nap Designs Pvt. Ltd. has launched their innovative recliner named “Verve”. Verve comes with an exclusive design and technology-driven features. It has been created while keeping the requirement of modern days in mind. An upholstery and wood finish makes it ideal for people looking for classy designs and modern technology. This recliner has a centre armrest with a storage console, cup holder, cooling & lighting and also massage & heat. Moreover, it also has USB charging for electronic devices.

“When you look at the features, it actually does what the objectives are; the most recent features are being added in such a way that helps the recliner to sense the person’s emotions. After observing the emotions of the person, Verve automatically turns on the mood lightings and other characteristics. An inbuilt air purifier helps to purify the air around, for the patron sitting on it. Besides, there is a ground-breaking attribute attached to this product called temperature controller that allows the person to take a deep rest. while it’s latest cooling and heating technology provides him/her a pleasure while releasing stress out from the body,” said Amitabh Vardhan, board member, Little Nap Recliners.

Price: 2.65 lacs inclusive of Taxes

Availability: All exclusive showrooms in Delhi and Mumbai

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