Lioli Ceramica Introduces ‘Cava Anthracite’ For Modern Kitchens

Lioli Ceramica has recently launched Cava Anthracite, a charcoal grey beauty with a textured matte finish that is a perfect combination of exquisite minimal design and durability. A TechnoSLAB product, the new age porcelain slab has been introduced from the Orgatech series. Manufactured in both 9mm and 12mm thicknesses using superior technology makes the surface of the product easy to clean, and is hygienic, non-porous and chemical resistant. The 3200 x 1600 mm slab creates an essential seamless surface, also ideal for large flooring and wall areas.

Cava Anthracite Kitchen platform by Lioli Ceramica

Cava Anthracite is scratch free, heat resistant and, easy to maintain and clean making its application popular as a kitchen countertop. Its muted appearance enhances the look and feel of an elegant kitchen decor. Its large format renders seamless and wider visuals to the space and minimises the chances of dirt and dust lodging in the joints with style and practical functionality.

Product name – Cava Anthracite

Size: 3200 X 1600mm

Thickness: 9mm / 12mm

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